Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ribbon Makes The World More Colorful! Challenge 6

That's right! June at {SAR} is RIBBON month!
We are very excited to have Strano Designs
as our sponsor this month! Strano carries the
most beautiful grosgrain ribbon-stripes, dots
and solids in every color under the sun! In fact,
this post is written in the gorgeous colors of
India, most recently shown in Martha
RibbonStiff is another cool product that
Strano carries. Once applied to the back of your
grosgrain ribbon, you can punch, die-cut, emboss
and stamp your ribbon! You can even add rub-ons
to the RibbonStiffed side! I told you it was cool!

So, here is the challenge for this month! Alter
something, anything, with ribbon! Yes, you can
use other product, but we really want to see what
you can do with ribbon! If you need some ribbon
or just some inspiration that looking at beautiful
ribbon can bring, visit Strano Designs.

When you are done with your ribbon project, please upload
a photo of it to your blog, Photobucket or your online
gallery. Leave us a link in the comments section of
this post by midnight, June 30. If it is easier for you,
please email us a photo. We will upload it to our

Now go, make something more beautiful with ribbon!!
In the mean time, here is a little inspiration from the DT!





Happay said...

gorgeous projects ladies!

armywife said...

Um those projects are cute cute cute!! Jan - PLEASE post a tutorial on how you did that frame!!!!!!

Beth said...

These are all so pretty & clever too!

Patrizzia said...

Wonderful as always ladies... Here is my take! ;)

SAR girls said...

Those are the cutest, Patrizzia! Thanks for playing with us!

Melissa said...

Those are such cute clips!! I lve them!!!

What a great contest! I have a jar or two of ribbon I can pull out!!

SAR girls said...

Julie Ann's gorgeous banner is up in the gallery! You dont want to miss this!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

here is the link to mine,I am making a Circle Jounal and used Ribbon to tie to all the Sign In tags on page 1
thanks for looking

SAR girls said...

Just uploaded Frankies pretty mini album-look at all that ribbon! She happens to run a really nice site too. Check her out at

SAR girls said...

Just added Sheryl's beautiful ribbon flower card to the gallery! She stamped on the ribbon before she made that fab flower! Thanks Sheryl!

Jolene said...

These projects are amazing! Thanks for playing. Who's next? Just another week left!

TxScrapAddict said...

Saw this on MMFY Jan! What a great challenge! I had soooo much fun! Couldn't link you to the gallery there as it's down. Here's mine:


Vicki Flinchum

pattiwest said...

Sweet stuff in the ribbon gallery!! Thanks girls for playing along with us at [SAR]!